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Bye Bye Exchange Retention Tags – Welcome Purview Data Lifecycle – What Companies Must Pay Attention To Now!

Exchange Online is already standard in usage and hybrid usage today. Due to the change in compliance tools from Microsoft came the change in strategy, so that the Data Lifecycle tools from the Exchange Admincenter to the Microsoft Purview Admincenter. In particular, we’ll look at MRM Policies, which is the ability to move items from the mailbox to the archive mailbox.

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Test report: Surface Book 3

It’s been over 100 days since I got the new Surface Book 3 from my current employer. I also got the current Surface Dock 2 and could continue to use my adapters from my private Book 2, because both Books use the USB-C interface. In comparison of the Book 2 to the Book 3 and also my other devices like the ThinkPad X390 or a Surface Pro 6 and HP Elite I write this article:

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Microsoft Teams native client for Linux is coming!

As already described in previous articles, users of the Ubuntu operating system were pleased with the audio and video functionality or even the screen sharing possibilities via the Chrome Browser. However, the desire remains to get a native Microsoft Team client for Linux distributions.

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365 days – The Developer Challenge from a lawyer

I am working as a Laywer and an IT Consultant in the topics of Cloud Computing and modern Workplace. Legal Tech and new Technologies like Quantum Computing or Smart Contracts are topics I like and know what happend, but(!) I am not a Developer like a lot of friends. But I want to know the Background of all and want to learn to develop.

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