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Bye Bye Exchange Retention Tags – Welcome Purview Data Lifecycle – What Companies Must Pay Attention To Now!

Exchange Online is already standard in usage and hybrid usage today. Due to the change in compliance tools from Microsoft came the change in strategy, so that the Data Lifecycle tools from the Exchange Admincenter to the Microsoft Purview Admincenter. In particular, we’ll look at MRM Policies, which is the ability to move items from the mailbox to the archive mailbox.

MRM Policy – Retention Policy / Move to Archive Mailbox

The archive mailbox is basically an additional 100GB mailbox for the user. The mailbox is structured as follows:

  • Mailbox (100 GB)
    Archive mailbox (100 GB)

The requirement for using the archive mailbox is an Exchange Online Plan 2, which is included in almost all licenses (e.g. Office 365 E3).

The archive mailbox is only available online. It is not part of the local PST file and cannot be added manually. This partly restricts the search in Outlook as well, so it is optimal to search for emails in OWA if you want to have all emails.

The default MRM policy is to move all items older than 2 years to the archive mailbox. Email can be moved from the mailbox to the archive mailbox manually or by manually assigned policy.

Here are some screenshots from the old Exchange Admincenter:

What is new now? Welcome Microsoft Purview

The access to the MRM Policy will be moved from Exchange Admincenter to Microsoft Purview Admincenter. This means that the MRM Policy will remain with Exchange (legacy) and will not be included in the Purview Policies. However, the setting moves to the Purview Admincenter.

Here you can see some policies:

What do companies have to do now?

Companies do not have to pay much attention to this. The PowerShell scripts will continue to work and the settings will also be retained. Only the view will be moved to the Purview Admincenter. However, this means the following changes:

  • New right for the Exchange Admins -> Compliance Administrator
    Access to MRM Policies via the Purview Admincenter
    Basically the use of archive mailboxes.


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