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Office 365

Office 365 is a SaaS software for Business customers and private customers. You can get Office 365 in different plans with different content.

Office 365 for Business included:

  • SharePoint Online  (+One Drive for Business with 1 TB space)
  • Exchange Online
  • Skype for Business Online
  • Office Professional Plus (current Version for Mac and Win)
  • mobile Apps for Android, Windows, iOS
  • Yammer for Business


  • CRM Dynamics Online
  • Power BI
  • Project Online
  • Parature Enterprise
  • Microsoft Social Listening
  • Visio

Office 365 Consumer:

  • OneDrive (unlimited space)
  • Office Professional Plus
  • Skype (60 minutes for landline)

Offizial Website:

a lot of current material you find here:

My own Topics in Office 365:

Security, Compliance, data privacy, Migration, Yammer (Social Enterprise), Office Apps (Development)

Office 365 Security courses by MVA

Community of Office 365:

Office 365 Yammer group – itpronetwork

This Yammer group is the official Microsoft Coroperation Yammer group for all questions and all information about Office 365. In these group you can get direct access to the product groups and a lot of MVPs.

Sometimes the product group make a YamJam. This YamJam is a question and answer around a hour long. After every YamJam to get an abstract.

All Office 365 users are welcom to join this group! Actually we habe over 40.000 Members.




Office 365 Usergroup DACH  in the internation itpronetwork:

I foundet these group a few month ago and currently we have 207 members with some special Microsoft Coroperation members like Emma Stephen and Rangar Heil.

All Office 365 users from Germany, Austria, Switzerland: You are welcome to join these group!




Current actions:

Office 365 – German Usergroup

In January 2015 Michael Kirst and I frounded the German Usergroup for Office 365. We had a lot of customers and friends, who wanted to have a Usergroup in a German language.


Office 365 – international Usergroup

In 2014 my MVP collegues founded an international Usergroup. We have monthy calls with Skype for Business and very good discussions.




With my Office 365 collegues out of the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) we organizised a Office 365 conference by Microsoft in Cologne Germany.

At this conference we have 16 MVPs and another awesome Speakers with over 25 Sessions and no Noshow-Rate. With 120 visitores we have a lot of fun and Information about two days long.

My session was the Office 365 features in connection with the contracts, data privacy and compliance.

All sessions you find on a OneDrive:



Some coole links:

User Account Management