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Raphael Koellner – Windows Insider MVP

The first day of the new year is also one of the timeslots for new and renew Microsoft Valuable MVPs. I am very honored that I am reawarded for the 3rd time as Microsoft Insider MVP.

I am very happy that I have been awarded MVP for the 3rd time since the foundation of the Windows Insider MVP program. I am also one of the few Windows top insiders, speaker for the product group and support the Windows Insider team in various actions.

Thanks a lot

Many thanks above all to the dearest lady at my side, because without the understanding and the support all this would not have been possible. It´s all for you and without you it can´t be happen, so spend so much time for this program.

Thanks to Alice, Blair, Joe, Tyler, Michelle, Jeremiah, Gabe, Anna and many more!

Thank you very much!

It doesn’t work without the community

It’s quite simple: Without a community it doesn’t work. We all have a lot to do and theoretically we can’t read everything. That’s why we create communities that bundle knowledge and skills. This is not always easy, but always an enrichment for all new people or even friends to get to know. That’s why I’m personally very happy that we can offer the free Windows Insider Community Germany with almost 8000 members founded 4 years ago and successfully run with my co-admins without the intention of making a profit. Special thanks go to Daniel, Maik, Hans and the many small and bigger helpers.

Windows Insider Community Deutschland

The Windows Insider Community also has a birthday and we are happy to have more than 7000 members in the community. Together we install Windows Insider builds, test them, give feedback to the feedback hub or help each other with problems. So Thank you “Community” and all of the guys, who are working in the background.


Twitter: @WINsidersDE



Telegram Chat

special One

A special Thank you goes to my Employer Alegri International Services and my customers! They gave and give me the time I need to be a part of the MVP program. Thank you all so much!