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365 days – The Developer Challenge from a lawyer

I am working as a Laywer and an IT Consultant in the topics of Cloud Computing and modern Workplace. Legal Tech and new Technologies like Quantum Computing or Smart Contracts are topics I like and know what happend, but(!) I am not a Developer like a lot of friends. But I want to know the Background of all and want to learn to develop.

In the past I created Windows Apps or Mixed Reality with Unity or a lot of Websites, but in the last years I do not have any time to learn the pure system of code languages. The basics and the part of coding we need.

Why I have to learn to code?

In my opinion all of us have to learn one or more languages and coding languages. The world is digital and if we want to understand the world, we need to learn to create one. So learning to code is only a way to understand and to switch from passive into active live in this world. For me I want to understand and learn, how new systems work like the coding language Q# as one of the Quantum Computing languages.

Which language I need to learn?

For me the list is:

  • C#
  • Q#
  • Phyton
  • Java / Javascript
  • Azure Cloud CLI
  • ?? Sent me an email to :

APIs, Tools, Topics

For me it´s the Modern Workplace is nearby and I want to know more. So lets start with

  • Graph API
  • Security Graph API
  • DJI Drone
  • Mixed Reality
  • Flow / PowerApps
  • Azure Cloud CLI

Which tools I need?

In this challange we will see, what I need. I will start with these ones:

  • Visual Studio 2018
  • Visual Studio Code
  • GitHub for my code
  • Hardware:
    • Surface Pro 6
    • Surface Book 2
    • VMs with Ubuntu

So let´s start and we will see what happend 🙂