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Bye Bye Exchange Retention Tags – Welcome Purview Data Lifecycle – What Companies Must Pay Attention To Now!

Exchange Online is already standard in usage and hybrid usage today. Due to the change in compliance tools from Microsoft came the change in strategy, so that the Data Lifecycle tools from the Exchange Admincenter to the Microsoft Purview Admincenter. In particular, we’ll look at MRM Policies, which is the ability to move items from the mailbox to the archive mailbox.

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Test report: Surface Book 3

It’s been over 100 days since I got the new Surface Book 3 from my current employer. I also got the current Surface Dock 2 and could continue to use my adapters from my private Book 2, because both Books use the USB-C interface. In comparison of the Book 2 to the Book 3 and also my other devices like the ThinkPad X390 or a Surface Pro 6 and HP Elite I write this article:

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What we can learn from gamers for video conferencing!

There are some gamers among us who played World of Warcraft but played CS Go or Minecraft or Quake all the more. Besides the Lan-Parties and was not only talked about the network, but also servers were set up. They were called ICQ, IR, Teamspeak or Discord. One used and uses these tools today as a matter of course. What can we learn from our gamers?

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Raphael Köllner is renew as a Microsoft MVP

Again and again at the turn of the year of Microsoft Corporation, the renewals of appointments for Microsoft are also on the agenda. New MVPs and already existing persons with MVP titles receive their renewal or rejection on July 01. So this year the program was extended again to over 2800 MVPs in 15 categories.

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