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Produktreview Plantronics Voyager Focus UC

I would like a mobile headset with a good battery for a whole working day, very good audio quality and Microsoft Teams, as well as WebEx and Zoom compatible. As a result, I received the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC from my employer.


Company: Plantronics
Name: Plantronics Voyager Focus UC
Year: 2020
Price: 317 Euro
Microsoft Teams certified: yes
Cabled: USB dongle and Bluetooth
Special feature: Mute, call and volume control keys
Transport bag: Yes
Posture for the desk: yes
Bluetooth: yes 4.1 version

Product page:

Field report

I use this headset parallel to my Plantronics Blackwire, my Surface Headset 1 and the Apple Earpods. My use is limited to meetings and phone calls with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Skype, WebEx via iPhone XS, iPhone XI, Windows 10, Mac and Linux (Ubuntu). My headsets have to be very flexible and have a minimum of 10 hours duration.

In addition, I have a big head and rather big hands and fingers, so the headset starts to show its weaknesses. I am too big for the headset, which is only available in one size. It can be adjusted in 10 steps, which is not 100% sufficient for me. My big head also shows that the headband with the microphone is too small and also the many buttons on the small ear cups are too small for me personally. To share my experiences I asked my ladies in my environment, for whom the headset fitted very well and they also had no problems with the smaller head, that the bow of the microphone scratched the cheek.

The overall quality is good and this starts with the buttons, the ear cups and also the overall stability.

The stand is used to charge the headset via USB, but unfortunately not also as a dongle for connection. It would be fantastic if this stand would also function as a dongle. Unfortunately it is not or I have not found the right setting yet.

The connection via USB dongle or Bluethooth works well once you have found out to find the little head on the left ear cup that switches this connection.



  • good battery life (14h indicated in the app, 10-11 hours depending on use)
  • stable fit of the headset on the head
  • very good audio quality according to the listeners and when recorded with Audacity


  • small temple rather for smaller and medium sizes of a head
  • much too short bracket with the microphone
  • much too small button for answering and hanging up calls
  • Stand for charging only
  • Volume control on the right auricle and start and stop function (very good with symbols to feel)