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Microsoft and their Services in Germany!

I was one of the first Microsoft Cloud Deutschland Geeks, MCD Trainer and Expert. Ok, I was is wrong my friends, i am a geek and nerd for cloud Services from Germany. It has reasons from compliance to legal regulations and more often in contacts. But now Microsoft decide their decision to switch their Cloud Strategie from MCD to two Global data centers in Germany. The new locations is Berlin and Frankfurt.

Microsoft switch based on this evolution of customer needs:

Microsoft Global Cloud Germany

At first we will have some hard facts:

new data center locations

Berlin and Frankfurt

Schedule for release

Azure 2019
Office / Office 365 2020
Dynamics 2010



Microsoft Cloud Deutschland (MCD)

End date for services  = no announcement

End date for new customers = this month

End Date for CSP = no annoucements

In my opinion this version of a cloud with a data trustee and only a minimum of services and tools is ok, but to expensive or they have to think this solution to the end. So we will have customers they want a secure cloud in Germany, but they don´t want to pay more or don´t want to work only with a small size of tools and services.