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Raphael Koellner renominated as Windows Insider MVP 2018

The first day of the year is always the first highlight, if you get an email vom Microsoft and the Windows Insider Team with “congrats” in the first lines. You will work for the community all of the year, supports people, supports Microsoft and your MVP friends and on this day you get the bill: Windows Insider MVP 2018!

In the year 2017 I had a lot of fun with the Windows Insider Program and with the people around it and around the world. I got new friendships with people from the USA, Peru, Japan or Australia and organize some events in and near Cologne. At September I was honored to have 6 Windows sessions on the international Microsoft conference the Microsoft Ignite 2017 in Orlando. Moreover the hole year was awesome with events, Skype Calls, podcasts and meetings with the Windows Insider Team and Windows Engineers. Moreover I lead the Windows Insider Community Germany via Facebook, Twitter, Website, YouTube and Meetup.

For me is the Windows Insider MVP nomination a very huge honor and the chance to meet new people, get new friends around the world and have a lot of fun with awesome people.

Thank you so much:

Windows Insider Team: Bill, Blair, Dona, Jeremiah, Tyler, Joe, Laura, Brandon, Jen and all of the team!!