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Office 365 Meetup – Teams and Groups

Yesterday we started this year with a very special Office 365 Meetup Germany.  Torben Blankertz, MVP for Business Solutions and one of a few persons, who is a specialist for Project, told us a lot about Teams, Groups, Planner and why Teams is a project out of the Microsoft Project Team. We had this little Meetup with 20 attendees at the Microsoft Partner Bechtle GmbH IT-Systemhouse Cologne. Thanks for the option. I brought some drinks and snacks for a perfect Meetup.

In first part of the session from MVP Torben Blankertz he talked about Groups, Teams, Project and Planner as an introduction. Moreover he talked about the connection between these new tools and how you can use them. We had a little discussion about the connection and if Planner is Project light or a different tool for another function into an enterprise team.


In the second part Torben explained more about Groups and Teams and the technical background like Azure AD and his solution to control how you can create security groups to control, who can create Teams/Groups and who is not allowed to do this.


Torben showed us the connection from teams with Planner, with Groups and OneNote and the OneDrive for Business.



At the end of this session after 2,3h we had a discussion about the usage of Teams into a Fire Department with 600 people. One of our attendees is the administrator and responsible for the internal IT. We heared his story, the issues and together we found solutions for his issues. It was very interesting to hear about the usage of teams in a critical and important place like a Fire Department.


The Future for the worldwide Company communication – Yammer

After a short biobreak I started to talk about Yammer, some new features and how you can use them. I explained an example of a Yammer Networkstructure with the main network, some external networks and external groups. We talked about the function and the options for an enterprise company to use Yammer and about Yammer as an communication tool for project like the Eurovision Song Contest. After that I told them some little new facts about the future of Yammer, like new storage location (SharePoint Online) and the end of Standard Yammer tenants, which Information all Yammer administrators got via email at the end of the last year.

At 8:30pm after a short Q&A session this Meetup ends.