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Azure Information Protection to be discontinued on 31 March 2021

With Azure Information Protection (AIP), data security has for the first time been implemented throughout the company. According to IRM, RMS and Secure Island, AIP makes it possible to classify, encrypt and analyse data. With an E5 plan it was even possible to automate and with the AIP scanner it was also possible to include OnPremises data in the system. But now the next step of evolution follows: Unified Labeling!

What will be discontinued?

As of 31 March 2021, labeling management in the Azure Portal will be discontinued, along with the pure AIP client.

What does this mean?

a) Unifield Labeling
If labeling management is no longer supported in the Azure Portal, unified labeling must be activated in your tenant and you must use the Security and Compliance Center.

This means that you have to migrate to Unified Labeling by mid-March 2021.

b) Unified Labeling Client
The AIP Classic Client will no longer be supported after 31 March 2021. You should switch to the integrated labeling in Office ProPlus (the best option) or upgrade to the AIP UL (Unified Labeling Client) (if you do not own Office ProPlus or the integrated features do not meet your requirements).

What about features that are not available in Unified Labeling?

There are several types of features:

  1. Features that will be delivered in Q1 CY20 GA, such as dynamic content labeling or offline policies. These customers can wait for Q1 GA and upgrade to it. These customers will not require and receive extended support from Microsoft.

    2. Features that Microsoft plans to deliver in 2020: HYOK, Track and Revoke, event log for AIP client actions or support for IQP formats. These customers can receive extended support through a separate form from Microsoft. The AIP team will contact the customers.

What is required to submit a request for extended support?

You will need to provide the reason for the request and tell Microsoft the number of affected users. You must enable Unified Labeling before 31/03/2010 to request extended support. The request for extended support must also be submitted before 3/31/2010.

A list of these features is published here:

Microsoft Governance Cloud (GCC)

Unified Labeling is currently not supported in the GCC. However, all GCC tenants will receive extended support for at least 12 months after GCC support in Unified Labeling is released. These customers do not need to submit a request for extended support.

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